2.9 Billion Unconnected People

Even though there have been great strides to connect people to the Internet in order to bring positive change in the last decade, many are still unconnected. But unconnected doesn’t mean just lack of connectivity, but anyone who has not connected to the Internet. Other reasons for this are lack of literacy and digital skills, as well as technology not design for direct benefit and impact.

Spherio Impact


Almost immediately, producers who were considered illegal due to a lack of proper license or identity, become legal opening the door for access to information, resources, equipment, finance, and public services.


Within 18 months, we move producers out of poverty into prosperity through transparent and equitable trade, embedded into local value chain operations. Spherio also supports governments receiving proper payment of taxes and royalties.

MINING & agriculture

Within 18 months, we can reduce the rate of land degradation  by 50% and improve productivity by 300% at production sites.  Our approach enables producers and communities garner the benefits of local commodities while also promoting healthy practices which support well-being.

Carbon Footprint

Our platform contributes to the implementation of regenerative practices and monitors land and natural resources to assist in reducing carbon.


Literacy and digital skills training is provided, as well as technical training, for producers. Spherio can be extended to support schools, communities, teachers, and students with educational content, technology tools, and support.


Spherio enables health information and preventative health services for people who normally do not have access to healthcare or cannot afford it.

Spherio's Value Proposition

Spherio empowers disconnected communities to create meaning, value, opportunity, impact, and prosperity out their own data by providing unified data infrastructure in places other platforms cannot. Spherio also:

  • Is more affordable
  • Is easier to manage
  • Is scalable

Resolve to change lives all year long.

This year, join a community of people empowering unconnected communities transform themselves.

0 M
500 million working poor households
0 %
200% increase in livelihoods within 18 months, moving most out of poverty.
0 %
75% reduction in rate of land degradation in 18 months.
On average 5,000 people gain access to new services, information, and resources with one installation of Spherio.
$ 0
It only takes a one-time contribution of $10 dollars to change the life of a primary wage earner and his or her family.
Chocalate Region in Belize
Child at farm

Four actions serve as the foundation for long-term regenerative development


Identity Management

Identity management starts with each person having legal identification and licenses, so that doors of resources and opportunities open to them. However, identity management is much more than that. Spherio includes mechanisms so that people maintain rights and control over their identity and data. In addition, people have access to explore and expand their capabilities through tools, resources, and services provided by Spherio, so that they are empowered to achieve their full potential. For example, a person may create a plan to achieve goals and then collaborate with others to help them achieve that goal whether those people are local or elsewhere.


Regenerative Management

Regenerative systems are those that restore, renew, or revitalize themselves. In other words, the systems are self-sustaining. Spherio is a regenerative management platform that supports increasing and improving people, planet, and profit elements of a regenerative . For example, it provides the ability to monitor and mitigate land and natural resources degradation with data and analytic tools for local communities.


Transparent and Equitable Trade

Producers have access to robust market information and receive equitable revenue from their trades, as well as share in revenue once commodities are sold tand received by customer. Each trade transaction is involves provenance triangulation – producer, land, and commodity – from the source to the customer. Transactions meet or exceed legal and industry standards internationally. This level of data infrastructure leads to records that make it easier for producers to get loans and for development of industrial-scale operations involving the small-scale producers.


Production Improvement

Small-scale producers are provided training, support, equipment, and extension services to enable them to expand regenerative practices at production sites, which leads to increased healthy, safety, productivity, and output. Spherio provides the background data collection and management system to manage these, and other, operations.

Interested In Contributing?

Give monthly to help a new set of producers and their families each month. You will become a part of community that is passionate to people achieve their potential and prosper holistically.