Bringing New Life to Unconnected Communities.

This year, join a community of people bringing transformation for unconnected people.

2.9 billion people are unconnected.

Even though there have been great strides to connect people to the Internet in order to bring positive change in the last decade, many are still unconnected. But unconnected doesn’t mean just lack of connectivity, but anyone who has not connected to the Internet. Other reasons for this are lack of literacy and digital skills, as well as technology not design for direct benefit and impact.


Many working poor  do not have official identification or appropriate licenses, which limits access to many resources and services. We provide the platform and programs to make sure every person has the identity credentials that opens doors for his or her future.


Communities should benefit from their natural wealth without compromising their well-being or future. Our approach enables miners and communities to benefit from minerals while also promoting healthy practices which support well-being.


For farming, as well as mining, Spherio digitizes the following operations initially to provide the cornerstones for holistic development:  identity services; trade transactions; monitoring and managing land and natural resources regeneratively; and production improvement.


Our platform contributes to the implementation of regenerative practices and monitors land and natural resources to assist in reducing carbon.


Literacy and digital skills training is provided, as well as technical training, for producers. Spherio can be extended support schools, communities, teachers, and students with educational content, technology tools, and support.


Spherio enables health information and preventative health services for people who normally do not have access to healthcare or cannot afford it.

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